They come an go, the endless BBT saga

Kurt is always around with his camera when something happens, so these are his snapshots from last week…

Full warehouse @ Goods out, a common view lately… yes, we’re busy…

 Pallets to everywhere… keeps Koen & Kukie busy….

Our beloved Schwimmwagen on the BBT surgery table…

 Trans build in, we’re still missing the engine…. 

 Rebuild trans does look clean, hmmmm yammie!

 Koen and Hans play for engine now it seems, push hard guys!

 The Apal Corsa just before departure to its new home in France

 and a bus loaded heading to Poland.

 Oh yeah, we can pack boxes and pallets, containers or trucks, but we can wrap also cars….LOL!

 The Orange and White Bay window, just before journey to its new home in Italy!

Three other cars nicely loaded on a big truck, also on their way to there new home in Italy… Buon Viaggio bella!

 Finally a car that came in… a real outlaw split! Real 1950, pure and unseen, as when it just arrived @ BBT HQ, more pictures soon!


BBT made again a lot of new cars owners very very happy, so if You ever think on buying a VW, give us a call (or mail) we might have the car You like, and would love to help out with it!

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