Hills Race was (another) bad weather experiece….

Even Italy suffer from climate change, forecast for the whole weekend was real bad, so only few cars turned-up, so sad, as venue and organisation from this event looked really very good!

Hills race is a mix from Custom motorcycles, American power cars and old Volkswagen’s… some nice stuff and a little different all way around!

Custom motorcycles I hear You say? the Italian way is to trow in some Italian bike history, what about a Moto Guzzi like You never saw before….

 El Camino, reminds me of mine I used to drive a s a daily some odd 20 years ago….

 American power….

 Hot Rod’s “Pur Sang”…. absolutely not bad for being in Europe!

oh yes we like fins….

 …. and even more fins on wagons!

 Ready for action Mr.Parachute?

 Burning the rubber….

 and then we found the VW section! cool scruffy Baja… must be fun on the Beach!

 Line up of Cal-Lookers…

 Ghia Low Light pure…..

 always crowdy @ Hot Heads Garage boot


 very fast….

 real fast…. for many rails are still the “real” dragsters….

 Two “big Mouths”….

 This one looks very hungry!


 or totally overpowered?


 also niiiiice!

 a beetle is so cool between all this American iron…

 pits was cool just to stand and look at….

 General Lee… we all watched too many times Dukes of Hazard….. 

 just rolled in….

 My friend Robby and his lovely wife… Relax in the half-a-beetle lounge chair…

 Hopefully we can get Teufelheb ready for next edition?

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