Puerto Rico Volkylandia Museum

The Volkswagen Museum of Puerto Rico is operated by the “Fundacion de Volkswagen de Puerto Rico”, a non-profit corporation, and was established to ensure that exceptional automobiles, automotive art, technology, the car culture and history of the Volkswagen vehicles could be exhibited for the enjoyment and educational aspect to the community.It’s President, Dr. Norman González Chacon, is fulfilling his lifetime dream of gathering the most exceptional and historic Volkswagen vehicles in the world. His collection grows weekly and he considers the vehicles as notonly rolling sculptures, but as a member of the family. The project has been growing daily and is already known to be the “Largest Private Volkswagen Collection in the World”, with close to two hundred cars under its roof. (Source: Volkylandia Museum)

Click the image to check out a nice video of the museum and plan your route towards them…


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  1. Muchas gracias por este mensaje.

    Puedes visitar la colleción de BBT entre lunes y viernes desde 8.00 hasta 18.00. Por favor, indicarnos por adelanto cuando quieres visitarnos. Así es possible para guiar ustedes.

    Saludos, Filip.

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