Breaking news! We just emptied another barn!

3 very nice untouched baby cars, and some parts, don’t we just love these pictures???? 1950 split totaly untouched, 1955 stratos patina bomb oval and a 1956 oval ragtop project…

Enjoy the pictures, while I’m still shoveling sh*t out my pants…. I’m all over the moon about this!

we have to arrange a lot of things, but everything is secured now, hopefully we receive by end of september @ BBT HQ


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  1. Your job is investigation Peter, and your damn good at it, (thanks again, You know for what) well my job is finding barns, and like the Beatles teached us…. withe a little help from a friend….:)

    In fact mainly its several proffessional hunters that help me a lot and find these things for me, unfortunatly I have not enough time to travel all and everything myself…. we knew of this barn for almost 15 years and last year made work and discussed a LOT with the owner… well the result is that everything wioll be added to my “barn” soon… maybe I should close my barn for people to refind in 30 yuears from now….:)

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