Friday Product update

Nothing real new this week, so leaves me some space to bring your attention on what we’re strong, or what is special!

GLASS! BBT has a huge amount of Glass in stock, Front windows, but also rear windows and side windows for most type of air cooled Volkswagen, even for Karmann Ghia’s @ unbeatable prices….

We do not only stock a load of glass, we also have the best packaging for glass, to ensure trouble free shipping and no crack or blister surprises at arrival… @ BBT we think and care about our products….


For a couple of years we re-made the SWF glass washer bottle… few people now they’re available, but hopefully now a few more….:) Real glass! perfect repro of something very sought after for long time! order yours under BBT#2465-500

 Also for quiet some time we designed and produced spacer rings You can mount in any 1.6litre VW aircooled cilinder head to accept 77mm 1.3litre cylinders. with these rings we bring a solution for the ever lasting 1300cc new cylinder head supply…. these rings are available under BBT#3090-000 and been sold per piece.

so fun, every week again to talk about our products… hope You read again next week!

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