Back From Fley, The French Busmeeting…

a little exhausted, Fley, in the middle of Burgundy region, was a long drive in a splitty, but we made it back and forth, without to many big problems (except we eliminated the ever lasting coil burning problem from our trusty westy for good! Thanks Pascal!)  a little impression hereby!

let’s get ready for the road, Friday morning BBT HQ….

France is beautiful… we left the “peage” toll roads for what they ‘re worth, and choose for the small country roads (departmentals), You don’t have to travel far to see beautiful landscapes from where we live… we saw lots of grain harvest, seems the fully season…

Fley, the French bus meet… buses everywhere!


My price for best camp!

BBT’s bounce bus enjoyed many children!

buses in stock! so many!

BBT’s own little camping spot, or camping “the BBT way”

Nicolas in his favourite bus, Serials Kombi’s “Wind Split”

woeps, watch out, on a VW show, I always have my camera on hand..

Picon is Good for You! We do know now, thanks Nico and Aurelie, we really appreciated the experience!

Too fast over… the way back …. 10 hours splitty drive…

What a weekend! sad its over, Thanks Pascal and all others to make this happen in France! The French VW bus community will ever like You! and we too! We’ll be back next year, and stay longer!

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