B(ug) day surprise

This story came in last week and, as you are used from BBT’s team, we are very likely to share beautyfull stories with you.

This is Nicoletta’s story… I got the “bug” !

On my recent birthday we visited a friend, he had managed that I could test drive a old beetle. After I finished we headed home, still talking about the “bug”, when my boyfriend suddenly said “I forgot some spare parts”, since he always forgets something no harm in that… we drove back.

Suddenly I was given the key of the beetle and told “ why don’t you take him home”! I thought these two make fun with me and would not believe until I was shown the papers.

My boyfriend bought the car 6 months ago, got some major work done on it, made it road legal and not to mention pulled it all off without me having the slightest idea.

That is what I call a “Bug-day” surprise.

Thanks for BBT’s help and greetings from Bugster Nicoletta 😉

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