BBT’s friday product update.

this week we have another load of candy for You…

First, the new paper edition of our English/ French language copy is out! they go for 2012/2013 and are HOT! Order yours under BBT ref. 9999-07

BBT has a whole line of quality late style headlights for Beetles 67-, and bay window and T25/T3 bus. Best price quality You can find on the market! We do have following available ….

BBT 0613 H4 Headlight 68- , complete with bracket. Chrome outer ring not included.

BBT 0613-2 H4 headlight , without bracket, insert only. Perfect to replace or convert sealed beams to Euro style, fairly inexpensive!

0613-700 H4 headlight round style, T25 /T3 Vanagon Transporter 79/92 

We do produce our engine gaket sets for ages! Top quality at good price. Easy comparable with original at a fraction of the cost… ask for a BBT gasket or buy a full set when You want your engine stop leaking oil!

BBT 1771 Gasket kit 1200cc (34 Din 40SaeHp) BBT 1772 Gasket kit 13/15/1600cc

BBT 1058 Exhaust gasket cylinder head BBT 1770 Valve cover seals Type 1 12/13/15/1600cc


 Another highlight we became a very large LUK Clutch distributor with extreme pricing. LUK is a good quality price  wise clutch on the  market so we’re happy we have the brand in our program, come to BBT and enjoy LUK quality with us!

BBT #1500 Clutch disc 180mm 1200/1300cc. BBT #1501 Clutch disc 200mm 1600cc

1510#Pressure plate 200mm, w/o collar for release bearing. (Late style)

BBT#1511 Pressure plate 200mm, with collar for release bearing.(Early style)

BBT#1513 Pressure plate 180mm, with collar cor release bearing. (Early style)

BBT#1514 Pressure plate 180mm w/o collar for release bearing (Late style)

BBT#1545 Clutch kit  215mm Type 1 + T25 1.9WBX DF/DG -07/85; Contains Clutch disc, release bearing AND pressure plate!

BBT#1547 Clutch kit 215mm Type 4 Contains Clutch disc, release bearing AND pressure plate!

BB#1548 Clutch kit 228mm Type 4 2.0 08/75- / T3 WBX 1.9 & 2.1 -05/89 Contains Clutch disc, release bearing AND pressure plate!

 Quality change!!!!

BBT #0182 + 0183 do come from an European manufacturer now. Brazil quality became way to bad… European quality is better stamped, looks better and is about the same price….

we wish You al a very happy and fun VW weekend!

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