Carrera overflow…


Thanks to Björn who posted this picture on his facebook day before yesterday…

For people not aware, 4 cam Porsche engines and especially the two liters like most of them on the pictures have a 6 digit value whatever euro or dollars… the first type of Carrera killed James Dean… and is way more nice from design as the later 2.0liters…  cam engines are a masterpiece of engineering, but also proved Porsche had to go the long way to reach a certain HP outcome, as Wolfgang Denzel for an example came out about the same output with a way more simple design… so the question is, who where the best engineers?



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  1. Pour l’histoire , mais d’où sortent ces moteurs introuvables ?? C’est assez extraordinaires de voir cela !

    Merci BBT

  2. oui Stan, ils excistent des collectioneurs, meme des pieces introuvables… le Monde n’est pas honnaite….:)


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