They never stop!….. Another BBT’s Friday Product update

This week was a blast again @ BBT HQ, we moved tons of VW parts out to customers….  with a couple of trainee’s in the warehouse we had our hands more then full, Thanks God Maestro Warehouse master Frank leads everything on the right path…. and all was out again in time…

so what’s new… we have completed our hater cable line last week, so now I think we’re almost have the complete range of heater cables… these where the missing bus heater cables;

Here is a little update on the entire BBT heatercable line, so You can pick your need!

BBT W592-111-711-629 Heater cable Beetle -51

BBT W592-111-711-629A Heater cable Beetle 51-55

BBT # 0930-05 Heater cable Beetle 55-62

BBT # 0930-06 Heater cable Beetle 62-64

BBT # 0930 Heater cable Beetle 65-

BBT # 0931-020 Heater cable Bus 03/55-07/67 5715mm

BBT # 0931-030 Heater cable right Bus -’73 1,6l 4310mm

BBT # 0931-040 Heater cable right Bus -’73 1,7l-2,0l 4225mm

BBT # 0931-05 Heater cable left Bus 08/72-79 1,6l 4330mm 

BBT # 0931-06 Heater cable left Bus 08/72-79 1,7l-2,0l 4280mm

The very nice Karmann Ghia engine lid rack is back in stock… so cool on any Ghia! order yours at your BBT dealer under BBT ref 4870-121

Big BBT GT Sprintstar news… we have a limited stock of powder coated sprintstars at the same price like the regular ones… off course powder coating is way more strong as the thin factory paint…. 

Three sizes to choose from;

BBT  #   2597-455-115   GT Sprintstar (4.5×15)   ET15   

BBT  #   2597-555-110   GT Sprintstar (5.5×15)  ET 10 

BBT  #   2597-555-125   GT Sprintstar (5.5×15) ET25

 Limited production, superior finish!




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