BBT attentend Cox 48 funds raising event.

The South of Belgium (French speaking part) have there own broadcasting system better known as RTBF. Every year they do a special show in order for fundraising for cancer prevention, Cap48.

This year a VW show on the RTBF premises was part of the program. they called it Cox48. We at BBT helped a little hand and brought out the BBT bounce castle… to give the little ones something to do while mom and dad have these boring talks about cars…:)

turn out was nice, a lot of beetles….

Beautiful Type 14 and 34! wowh!

ahhhh this is what we really like, the real style, pure and simple… Viva Brazil!

Pat.Be was one of the main sponsors, beside a booth they also brought out a couple of their finest… Pat has the talent to let his cars always stand out of the crowd, just by simple accents… his 356 is no exception… respect!

OH yeah, we do like Beryl green… a lot!!!!

unfortunately the pictures of the bounce bus didn’t came out well so sorry, next time we set it up You get the credit’s!

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