BBT’s Friday’s nasty habit… the weekly product update!

What a week, just back from USA, piles of work ahead of You and try to handle all things like jet lag and the like! Well one thing is sure, where ever possible, Friday is product update… Once started as a silly idea, more and more people tune in now every week just after lunch to see how BBT is continue to grow, offer more and for sure offer better!

Also this week we have two very cool new items in an effort to complete our range…

Ghia’s always have been a week point to us, even in the very first year of existence (roughly 24 years ago) we had more rubber for Ghia in stock as for beetle! So today we’re kind a proud we could solve a real old problem… early Ghia wipers! Made for Ghia’s build prior to  Sept.1966 If You’re not into Ghia’s You might not know what’s the fuzz is all about, but if You ever tried to locate the right wipers for your early Ghia I’m sure You can fully understand how excited we all are!

Use BBT ref 2404-100 for the wiper (each!) and use BBT ref  2441-100 for the wiper arm (each)

and some detail to show its really nicely made…

On a complete different note, we also worked on our Bakelite fuse box program and scored the missing 8 fuse box! The form and shape and fitting of the BBT Bakelite fuse box is really 100% identical as the ones that came in your beloved Vintage Volkswagen originally, I was surprised about the perfect match between originals myself a couple of weeks ago when I needed one for my own car. My old stock ones had domed covers and different screws, but the BBT regular part number was a 100% match! Unbelievable, still availble  after more then 60 years! We @ BBT make MAGIC come through! here is the cute 8 fuse Bakelite fuse box available under BBT Ref  0662-505

and here is our whole family Bakelite fuse boxes…

BBT ref 0662-475 for 2 fuse Bakelite fuse box

BBT ref 0662-485 for 4 fuse Bakelite fuse box

BBT ref 0662-495 for 6 fuse Bakelite fuse box

BBT ref 0662-505 for 8 fuse Bakelite fuse box

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