Californian trip continued….

Traveling South in California always gives me loads of opportunity to visit friends, see a lot of customers, suppliers and cars i always wanted to see. I will not make You tired with the boring stuff, but here is some taste of what we went through last couple of days.

San Luis Obispo is a perfect city to stop, its old, beautiful and fun to stroll around, the houses are very very nice, this is what like, typical old Cali style…


Traveling South on Freeway 101 there is a short cut You can do over Highway 154 its shorter, faster and brings you right through Paso Robles national forest park, niiiiice!


On freeways You see lots of crazy things, well we like the style….:)


I love this sign in a collection of a friend, wowh, we think its Egyptian, if you ever come across signs in weird languages, plse let me know, they’re my favorites and I always have some spare money to buy them….;)


Another sign, spotted at another friends shop, so cool and is real….


Maybe it was made for the Goodyear balloon? Normally high up in the skies above Orange county, but now just sitting on the ground, in his “ parking spot”….:)


 so now this is how You store your vintage Volkswagens in style, this is so cool!

We just love vintge american bikes, they’re so cool especially in a line up nice as this!

today we fly to the Midwest, for more VW fun so stay tuned!

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