Bug O Rama Sacramento, a different type of VW show!

We decided to participate to the Bug O Rama Sacramento. it was very American VW show and we enjoyed fully!

the way up wherever in California gives You nice views on the freeway… hope this will NOT become the new trend…:( looks like a car from a comic series to me…

Bug o Rama, the atmosphere was just so good, hanging out in real style!

Now that’s what we call ” a set a wheels”!

 Car show was packed…

 Welcome to California…

 Beetle, bus or…..

 ….Ghia, your choice….

 cool license plate

 even cooler license plate….

 Oh yes, we needed another bus… 1973 sliding roof, seven seater, walk through, first paint, rocksolid, super dry, unbelievable nice, some dents, but the new 2.0liter engine and rebuild trans make up for that, we will ship home soon! if this bus is what’s on your list, just let me know, I can send You more pictures and details…

we’re heading South now, so stay tuned for more updates…:)

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