Another USA trip, another load of fun…

Back to the land of VW fun… Linda and  decided to attend a couple of shows and visit some friends, customers and suppliers on the West Coast and in the Midwest, so we jumped on an airplane and arrived two days ago in the Bay area (West Coast) Sunny California, where it is real cold, sjeez, we need jumpers and trousers! But its a lot of fun!

Picking up the rental was a story on its own this time, ok I’m settled, but for sure not what I ordered! This car i simply placed under the saying; “if it ain’t big, I don’t drive it!” a real police car in completly wrong colors…

Now this is the kind of line up we really like! Three early bay window busses, everyone of them has something, but they’re perfect as they’re so dry!  The deal  was made pretty fast! We ship home soon! One has sliding roof, all three walk through! If You want a dry early bay, a project, don’t miss these!!! Choose from any color as long as its blue…:)

 411 Variant, first paint, clean, dry, absolute rustfree, first owner, what more to desire??? we didn’t buy it, but know where it is! So if You want one, this might be your shot, as in this condition I didn’t see them anymore for the last 10 years at least! more info on

 1950 Ragtop, original type 11G car, found in a container in the harbour after years of storage, crazy! even pretty rusty, the look was so nice! When it can become mine, I’m sure I will keep on for while, just way too cool! Hard negociations ahead!!!

 the most nice things in life are exactly where You don’t expect them to find…. by very coinfidence, pure luck, but what a bus! 1978 orange white, New paint, new interior, dry, very nice underneath, tons of money invest in all mechanical restoration, and then lost interest, his loss…. our gain!!! This bus will be pretty fast shipped home, we’re only awaiting a little paperwork! Nice huh?

 Now this is what we call metalwork…. a friends D&S “in the works”…. respect!

 Sharon and Dave from Peninsula Automotive where delighted with our visit! And we too to learn to know our customers in person! always fun!

more will follow soon, but first we have some swap meets to kill, busy busy as always in California!

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