New Arrivals, two white lady virgins!

wowh! Two virgin white trophy lady’s arrived Saturday from far North… 1961 and 1964 sliding roof…. unbelievable shape of conservation, for both…

respect for age we will start with the oldest first… 1961, clean driver, older repaint, rock solid, original interior, You name it, this baby got it!

So nice from every angle!

all original interior, used for sure, but where You will find more originality?

Your key anytime soon? Turn around and start your engines gentlemen, this Virgin beauty can be yours soon! car available from the BBT warehouse right now!

as a second arrival we have the best! unbelievable, bought straight from very first owner, a charming gentleman that bought the car new…  Lady’s and gentlemen plse let me introduce You… the all virgin, nearly mint 1964 beetle with factory steel sliding roof!

comes with full map with manual, service book etc etc. this is just a car to die for, first paint (except one door) and a real “woooowh” all original mint interior!

it was not simple for sure  to convince the old man to get his first ski’s back on the back, like he used to travel in the early days, but once they where on, he even gave the shoes along, “they shall always stay together” he said! never had ski’s with matching shoes, and especially not in this close to perfect condition, a nice “come along” with a nice original pristine car!

as we could buy quiet a lot of good cars lately we’re pretty motivated sellers. There is some cars have to move. Simple like that. As motivated sellers we priced these both virgin cars very well in regards to market standards. So a bargain is awaiting You. So yes give yourself and recognize the fetish side in You, You always liked a virgin???? grab your change as these baby will be gone soon!

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