BBT’s Friday product update…

Friday again, and these are the BBT products we like to highlight this week!

 We do have a pretty complete line of Brake shoe mounting kits, very good quality for a very decent price… here a little review from the entire line

 BBT#1239-05 Front, for Beetle 58-64–BBT#1239-06 Rear, for Beetle 58-64

 BBT#1239-07 Front, for Beetle  65——BBT#1239-08   Rear, for Beetle 65-

 BBT#1239-09 Front, for Super beetle 1302/03

 BBT#1239-10 Front, for Bus  55-70—BBT#1239-11 Rear, for Bus 64-79

We do have a limited stock now of world’s best Heater channels, unbelievable quality! better as original from back in the day, we just love those. 3 times as thick as others on the market, perfect pressings, perfect fit. We do stock under limited quantity’s as they are not exactly cheap, but perfect in the way of quality!

  12/1300 1969- Use BBT W1028-111-801-045ME KV for left and BBT  W1028-111-801-046ME KV for right

 1302/03 Super beetle use BBT W1028-111-801-045ME LV  for left and BBT  W1028-111-801-046ME LV  for right

 look in to detail… how nice do they appeal to You? Simply the best….

 Back in stock from this week!

Mexican runnng boards, not a good as there German counterparts, but price quality very justified for sure! use BBT ref 0206 for left and 0207 for right side.

 and last but not least we got a new shipment from BBT’s own brake shoes, Made In Germany, 100% asbestos free (with % tolerance), braked in, extreme high quality and build to very last technologies. Almost the price of Chinese ones, but a quality that can safe cars and lives! The thousands of sets we sell yearly proofs ours do work and are simply the best money can buy, all of our distributors can’t be wrong, can they? for extra information plse ask your local distributor or your favorite BBT sales guy.


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  1. ‘pretty complete line of Brake shoe mounting kits’
    So when are the pre 58 Brake shoe mounting kits comming?


  2. Hi Nick

    Thanks for your input.
    We do not ahve the brake shoe mounting kits pre 58 on the radar for the moment, as our supplier ask us too large quantity’s to make those, sorry for that.

    Always at your service

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