Improve the handling of your stock front axle beetle a lot!

BBT’s premium Italian distributor DEI Käfer service launched their latest product. They convert a stock front axle into a real wishbone suspension! they start from a new front axle and sell as a bolt-on application!

a real work of art!

all complete, all new! Available in pre 64 and 65 on conversion.

Worldwide distribution available through BBT but plse take some lead time into consideration! for more info or prices plse contact your favourite BBT sales guy or BBT distributor in your neighborhood.


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  1. helaas nog niet, worden ook niet in belgië maar wel in Italië gemaakt, fabrikant is wel bzig met een TUV keuringsattest.

  2. Salve ,e’ bellissimo .io ho un bug del 06/1967 e’ possibile montarlo e quanto costa ?
    ci sono delle modifiche importanto da fare?
    vi saluto buon lavoro.

  3. Hey Zimmeke

    Thanks for your comment.

    Ride height is equal as original, price we will send by email to You.

    Always at your service


  4. hi guys, i realy like this one , can the ride height higher than original height, i now it can be lower, i need to now that ,thanks

  5. Hi again

    I will email you and put You in direct touch with manufacturer, so communication will go way faster.

    Thank you

  6. Hello and thanks for your comment on our Blog

    The front axles is not narrowed, this type of front axle is only made to improve handling, not to lower the car….

    Always at your service

  7. Will This fit my 69 and how much to ship it the San Antonio Tx.
    Thank You

  8. Hi,

    could you tell me the cost of this double A arm front suspension system?…and if it’s available in a “kit” form.

  9. Hello.

    What is the price of this suspension system? Can fit in a 57 oval bug?
    Last, can be send to Portugal?


  10. Hello.

    What is the price of this suspension system? Can fit in a 57 oval bug?
    Last, can be send to Thailand?

  11. hello i need info.on this front end specs much,does it come in a kit form any and all info. i can get will help me a great deal i thank you for your time and a responce thanks again the PHATKAT

  12. I am interested in this front end conversion for my Kelmark GT.

    Please send lead times, options, product costs, and shipping costs.


  13. hello I am interested in your a arm suspension kits, cost and particulars?



  14. Hi Ahmed

    yes for sure, its comfy… but especially designed for better road handling, You can almost compare with a modern cars suspension..

    always at your service


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