They come and go, the never ending BBT saga….

We don’t stop, keep’on moving, moving… a short update from what passed at BBT lately…

The 1956 oval window convertible on its way to its new owner, Congratulations Ivo, You bought a nice project!

 The Cherry picker on its way to Pascal, its new owner from France, plain in the Bourgonge area, I’m sure it will help to harvest grapes…:)

 fresh arrived from California, 1966 11 window kombi… its available like it is or will be detailed soon!

 As the euro connection for Terror garaga Indonesia we picked up this SO 42… it will be for sale soon…

 always nice to peep into an open truck, and even more nice to see what’s in this one….

  Fresh from a barn very very far North… 1954 ragtop and 1954 sedan… perfect project to make a shittering beauty out of both… so yes they’re for sale..

 a view from the other side…. 

 A car we restored over 15 years ago, doesn’t it hold up steady? 2.0litre Oettinger Engine, Porsche 5 speed transmission, interior in Suede and leather, they don’t come any better, the perfect match to cruize… the owner thought we should give it a serious check up after all this years… we’re honoured!

 friend Benny got another 45foot container with three busses, here nr 1 & 2…

 and this is number three….:)

 Alain at the picture shoot…

 BBT’s big help in dark days Ludo bought another ride for his ever growing collection of Flandria’s, deep south, so BBT van was commissioned to bring his new baby home again

 our cosy 1949 split goes of to the Wolfsburcht museum… will You visit soon?

 and Geoffrey sold his split to Joe in California, so this baby will travel with our container to the West Coast, we still have one extra place available in our container leaving July 1st, so if You have a car to be shipped to West Coast USA, just contact me @ for all info and pricing…

 the clean blue fifty two ready for its delivery to its new home in South Germany, T5 in rest position, the 1965 21 window awaiting its potential customer, who bought it when he saw it!

The workshop…. the orange convertible got one new floor plate, because the battery stayed the whole “barn” period and eat the battery area…  the 60 “Kieselgrau” rag top got two new floor plates… previous owner didn’t change the rag top cover not for nothing it seems… 🙂

 back area gets always more busy…. a small little 82 Mexico beetle came in as a parts donor….  

 wowh! Werner, friend of the house for sure, bought this crazy new daily! HMMMMM we love the sound!  

 But be careful parking things like this on BBT parking lot, we simply like to sell things…. fast! … LOL, sorry Werner we will never do it again!… 


























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