Unbelievable new arrivals, BBT was lucky again!

we got three new baby’s in our stocks… wiiihiiiieeee and three different, a little in all shapes… and all budgets…

let’s start with the Lady and the Vagabond..  

 this August 1958 build all original black widow is really mint condition… unbelievable all original black deep shiny paint, never been touched!

 the lady loves style, she dressed her up with very nice period Marchall driving lights and the sleek Albert swan neck mirrors

 a stylish lady is clean inside, this one better then all the rest… this IS original! never touched, mint condition, will never get anything close to it anymore… this is the kind of  car BBT is known for, well here we have a real deal! priced cheaper then anybody can restore one, this is a real bargain in terms of investments! don’t let it slip away!

 the vagabond rag top, drove too many times “open air”… build July 1960 in golfblue, is an extreme cool project, cheap priced, about half the price of the sum of its parts, don’t force us to dismantle this one! Do your duty and safe this beauty! Nothing beats rag tops!

 last but not least… the Lady in red… 1961 Ruby Red, a gem…. in the color of a gem stone!

 an older repaint in its original color hold up pretty well, nice driver, can be used daily for sure, and priced in that way… very moderate, a lot of car for reasonable money… its recession, and BBT set prices right on!

 interior is all original, a typical BBT car, nice, sweet and cosy!

 Imagine yourselves behind this steering wheel seeing over this extreme cool all original dash! Nothing beats originality, absolutely nothing, not even close!

Interested in one of these three beauty’s? well selected and hunted by us? they’re all three for sale… we are used to sell cars around the globe so we have no problem with shipping, worldwide when necessary. we have ocean containers to West Coast USA every three months so no problem if You live in the land of Uncle Sam… but also  Japan, Australia, New Zeeland or where ever, we get it all done and know how to do it… don’t let fool You with second quality cars, restorations are way too expansive now, and nothing beats originality!

All information and prices on Bob@bbt4vw.com

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