BBT’s Friday product update.

Another addition to our wide range of Sunroof parts! This pinch weld can be found on Beetle and Bus sunroof edges to hold headliner clothing in place. Now you can get rid of that rusty, headlining contaminating edge!

Pinch weld molding for sunroof

As can be found @ Beetle…

Also used as headliner clamp on Type 2 -’67 with vinyl cockpit headlining…

Some new arrivals which we would like to mention are

# 0668-800 Direction indicator switch Type2 03/55 – 05/60 – 3 wire

# 0668-810 Direction indicator switch Type2 08/57 – 07/65 – 6 wire

# 0668-820 Direction indicator switch Type2 08/65 – 07/67 – 9 wire

And not to forget direction indicator switch buttons in black, ivory and grey to complete the switch.

And last but not least, BBT’s # 1258 German quality blue brake fluid tubes available again!!!

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