Labour day weekend, a family weekend, we made it a family trip!

May 1st is a BIG bank holiday in largest part of Europe, being on a Tuesday this year we grabbed the opportunity to take a long weekend off and gone!

So we picked up kids after school on Friday and started our trip destination Italy! In Caorle just North of Venice there was the Beach Wheels runnig on Sunday, one of the only places in the world (and for sure the only one in Europe) where buggy’s are still allowed on the Beach, even only for one day a year…

Italy is all about Gelato (ice cream) ask Frederik!

 Now this is what You like to see when You come out of a hotel in the morning!

 ohwiedoo! Beetle Cookies for Nicolas! Grazie tante!!

 Anna en daughter Deborah from Dei Käferservice “sul posto!”

 you bet!!!!!

 and off it goes!

 hey hey, we said buggy’s!!! but still it was nice to see some vintage military machines around!

 The Beach! Nothing beats the Beach, not even close!

 always beautifull picture moments, for beetles and busss in attendance!

 Buggy time for Nicolas!

 yiiiihaaaa Baby, off they go!

 Whoehoee Ciao Senora, can I get a ride? Thanks so much Marco, You made Nicolas his day! big time!

 Is this the picture You will remember the rest of your life? 10 years and the world is @ your feet! Big Boy Nicolas!

 little meeting in the dunes…

 Flippo @ the wheel and our buddy Kobus (from EBI and Airmighty fame) @ the camera; take that magic shot Kobus! We hope to see it in the portofolio…

 And how do I look in a Buggy? I can tell You, it felt so good! Time to fix my buggy I suppose, midlife crisis???? ha! who will tell…:)

 yeaahwhooo off we go baby, Linda keep steady! some “humps” to come!!!

 unforgetable moments, fond memory’s the time of our lifes…..

 Sunday after (early) dinner, we pointed the nose of our car North again, not home exactly but to Hannover, as everybody knows at 1st of may VW show in Hanover, Germany I’m part of the “interior” since year counting! One of Europe’s finest! and You bet they crashed all previous records again!

coming out of the hotel at 06.00am was different like Italy, but we liked it as well! Franky’s VW service did a great job on this one, RESPECT!

 Ah eddy, this is what Highroofs are made for! who could resist a fresh made pancake served out of a High roof!

 never ever low is low is low enough!

 Dr Oetker was a wise guy, what made him stop doing?

 Big, bigger, biggest, its all about VW’s, parts and people!

 nice cars just everywhere!!!

 even everywhere in between!

 atmosphere! all about atmosphere!

We left pretty early to arrive home for dinner… what a weekend, 3000km with our whole family in the car and every kilometer worth of it! we met so many friends, saw so many cars, talked so many nice people and had such a good time, if we ever will do it again? You bet! can we start friday after school again? Bob and the Bob’s on the road again!

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