1964 Panel van with sliding cargo door!

This bus is an extreme cool panel van and the first year of the available option of a sliding cargo door. Build in November 1964 we have to call this a 1965 model year.

The bus is all good and runs just fine, brakes are strong and tranny is all overhauled for smooth shifting…  All electrics doing just fine, all in all this baby is ready to hit the road!

1964 Panel van with sliding cargo door! Check out more details and pictures here!


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  1. To Whom It May Concern,
    this is in response to 1964 Panel Van with sliding cargo door.
    your e-mail newsletter is indispensable information toll for me, a collector and builder of VW Beetles, VW Buses and other older VW
    cars. The last one which caught my eye is the “Thiers” 1964 Panel Van featured in your 06 April 2012 newsletter and pictured above. I’ve
    decided to build a model of the van and only help I need from you or
    from Thiers is the print of the picture located between the Thiers
    address (on the doors) and the Murotherm line on the end of the van. I don’t know if you’re able to help me, I’ve written to Thiers and so
    far didn’t get any reply to my request. All I need is the print of the picture in reasonable size to send me by e-mail which I can then use for making the decals.
    Thanks for paying attention to my request and keep up the good work!
    Jerry J. Broz

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