…and they said; “YES!”

Yesterday, March 31st, BBT’s Arlette and her boyfriend Werner were getting married!

Their 54 ragtop was dressed up in style…

  …. as themselves…..

 …. Bonnie and Clyde, the next episode….. 

 ….always look at the bright side of life! 

 The official ceremony, in the Townhall of Brecht…. all they had to do is say:”YES”!….

….. slide that ring on his finger….. 

 …and seal it with a kiss!

 Hard work deserves a “Bubbles” celebration! 

 Some are more thirsty then others…:) 

 even the 54 shared in the “Bubbles”celebration! 

We like to congratulate the new pair out of the deepest of our hearts, from all and everybody from BBT, all employees, customers, suppliers, fans and friends. all personal wishes can be done directly on Arlette@bbt4vw.com we hope her mailbox may explode!


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  1. They looked pretty… in love 🙂 What a glorious day! Wishing them all the best for the rest of their live, Nadine x

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