BBT’s Car update….

a lot moved around  last week, in BBT autoland..

Stefan got delivery from his newly acquired 1970 T2a Deluxe, extreme solid Arizona car, we wish him all the luck to get it properly restored and a lot of joy and happiness!

when we move cars, the BBT parking always looks so great…:) just a couple of shots out of my office window…

 The ugly big duck Cadillac is moved to another warehouse, so away from us, yihaa… space for two more beetles…:) This is really a very big car!

 yesterday Philippe picked up his “new” bus, a nice original 1963 turkish and white, first paint, 1914cc, drives like heaven… we wish Philippe many miles of pure driving pleasure on the way to the public markets where he sells his “neuzekes”, a typical Belgian candy.

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