Jac’s 1955 is for sale!

BBT’s friend of the house Jac, from East coast Canada is selling his very clean 1955 ragtop to fund another project… made on April first 1955 this is not a fool or a joke, it’s a real car!

Built before July 31 1955 means it’s still a real 1955 model with heart taillights, straight seats, ribbed doors, batwing steering wheel and all other “early only” goodies… whereunder that superslick 3 fold ragtop…. too cool for words…

Inside is clean and original, very original…

Powerplant is still the all original 30 DINhp, (36 Sae) since new… it get’s you everywhere, probably the very best engine type VW ever build….

Price for this little gem is 19.950 US$ about 15.500 Euro at this point, the car is located in Quebeq Canada, we can help with all transport (worldwide), export, import and /or handling… shipping to Europe will be around 2000 Euro extra + VAT…. in case of any interest, just contact me direct on Bob@bbt4vw.com

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