Respect! One minute of silence @ 11.00 am sharp!

Belgium is sad, very sad, and crying, for the loss of so many innocent children, there guides, drivers and the pain all their family’s must have, after the fatal bus crash of last Tuesday where left 28 innocent people their lives, where under 22 childeren. Especially to the parents we like to say, out of the heart of the entire VW community worldwide that we’re thinking about You, let us try to share the pain to understand.

Children are the future, the future should not die!

The entire BBT will be taken part in the national ONE Minute of silence at 11.00am (GMT +1) sharp, out of respect for those who left us. We kindly ask all our customers, suppliers, friends and followers to share this ONE Minute with us, Thank You.

may the light of the candle help the flower grow…..

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