Freddy Files in Ninove was just bitchin’!

Belgiums own season opener was just bitchin’, and that’s even very easy said! FassstFred (from Euro Bug In fame) organised for the 15th year already his Freddy Files in no place less like his own hometown Ninove… This year was his “Cal look Special”! What once started as a get together between friends, parked in front of the parfumerie of Freddy’s parents  grew to someting massive! First real nice spring weather day, over 800 of Aircooled machinery in attendence, lots of beer, massive foodstalls, all was there! If it was a big hit? No baby, it was just a SPLASH! If this was a teaser of the upcoming season, well be sure You will find me at MANY shows!  hereunder 21 pics to give You a teaser about what You have missed….

A trusty BBT gang of four left Sunday morning BBT HQ…. 

  cruizin’ BBT style….

Type 34 line up, cool as ever, Jurgen’s black pearl got my personal’s show award! Congrats to Jurgen!

more type 3, how cool is this? slammed on early’s….

Ghia in style…

Nice oval on BBT GT sprints…

one of four…worldwide… hens teeth rare Belgian tipper truck, we definetly got VW heritage….

I like that style!

Jimmy’s thirtyfour, unbeatable….

Open da windows brotha!….

Cruizin’ in style….

Blue sky brought real first day of spring weather…. this was just one of several squares filled with your VW desires…

My personal pic for most beautiful color of the day…..

never enough, a full day of drooling!

slam that rag! especially with that crazy color ….

Turkish candy….

Verts came out, was it too early on the year to open the roofs yet…

I’m not sure this year’s edition was about cars, or about people…. packed, jammed, overload, whatever You call it, it was a “full house” for sure!

I told You it was litteraly “crowded”!

wouldn’t mind this car in my garage, do you?

ok, some body has to do the dirty job! Hans, Pascal, Jonas and Dirk served customer needs all day long! thanks Guys !

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