End of the road for Beetle taxis in Mexico City…

The iconic green Beetle taxis that are such a famous feature on the streets on Mexico City will become a distant memory at the end of this year. A sad chapter in the history of the original classic Beetle.

The last of the capital’s iconic Volkswagen “Bug” taxis will be off the streets by the end of the year, marking the end of an adventurous if uncomfortable part of Mexico City life. At their height in 2006, the rounded, two-door sedans nicknamed the Bug – in Mexico, it’s a “Vocho” –  accounted for almost half of all taxis in Mexico Clty, with about 50,000 cruising the streets. Today, there are only about 3,500 of the privately owned and operated Bugs among 130,000 taxis.

(source: The orange County Register)

Thanks @ Pete Frost to share this information.

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