They come and go, the BBT saga never ends!

Kukie was busy last week, and spotted a lot, in and around BBT HQ, always nice to see it through his eyes….

the 1967 Velvet green, ready for delivery…

1957 Black oval window sleeper been prepped for its picture shoot….

1972 Baywindow with sliding roof, ready to be picked up, heading direction of Munich, Germany

Dear God, plse protect me, and my parcels. Guide our drivers and help us to understand how to make our customers happy. We will be always feeding the hungry visitors and take care for all Beetles, all over the world. Thank You God, Amen.

Frank, BBT’s own dispatch goes mountain high and river deep to satisfy customers and try to get all and every single order from BBT right on time on its destination, his every morning prayers are just part of that. Thanks God he got a direct telephone line to The Lord.

BBT’s own 1960 convertible been picked up by Wolfgang, president of the VW Cabrio club Belgium. The 1960 will be star of the show at their clubboot on the Antwerp Classic salon, a hughe exhibition for classics…

Last but not least, Kukie also visited the BBT workshops, where many was going on, as usual… all cars must be ready for picture shoots, test case for new parts or changed quality’s etc etc.

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