155 x 15 inch White wall radial tyres arrived…en-masse!

This morning a container arrived straight from the tyre factory with almost 800pcs whitewall tyres for you beloved beele. 15 inch by 155 wide, with a smooth little white wall… so we have plenty in stock again, order your set now at any BBT distributor.

Adjusting the container into the old building, tyres smells too hard to store in the new building…:) Precious work!

¬†Full container loads for BBT, we hate to ship air in containers, its duffed by the time of arrival anyway…:)

Danny know how to stack tyres best, 7 high, 100 per row, easy for inventory! Make sure they don’t roll away Danny!

Anything that “rolls” is Gonzo’s favourite, so here he’s almost at the end of this quiet heavy “rolling monday morning”…

Danny, Gonzo and Roland did this unload in just over two hours, great job guys, top notch, simply you’re the best!

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