BBT’s Weekly product update, hey its Friday again!

Another week passed by, probably a very very important for BBT, because several larger meetings brought a lot of new attention to our operation! Well future will tell, meanwhile we’ve been busy, very busy with getting parts in and unpacked, and some of them we like to highlight as we feel they got a lot of potential for our little market.

Brand New in our program; Intake gasket for single port engines, between manifold and cylinder head, comes in copper with the right mineral membrane innerworks, made exactly following DIN7603 norms, exactly like originals,  better then the best! 4 sizes to choose from!

BBT#2132-025 for 25 Din Hp (25 Sae) up to 1953

BBT#2132-030 for 30 Din Hp (36 Sae) 1954-1960 

BBT#2132-034 for 34 Din Hp (40 Sae) 1200 cc 1960 and later

BBT#2132-040 for 40-42 Din HP (45-50 Sae) 1300 & 1500cc 1964 and later

BBT ref 7052 Clips for Convertible window scraper molding up to 1964;also used for the Ghia outer windowscraper molding 1960-1971, a new batch of our production just arrived! BBT privateproduction, this we sell worldwide to every selfrespecting wholesaler and shop… get yours now, available in bulk!

BBT ref. 2465-500 SWF style glass washer bottle. BBT’s perfect reproduction of SWF’s glass washer bottle, all been frozen to crack, but such a nice accessory! Many times found in Vw’s but also in Porsche, Mercedes (even in the desireable 300SL Gullwings!) and many other prestigous German and European brands. A very nice replacement, made to exact standards or a very nice add on to any fifty’s car! New production just in, back available now, quantity pricing available!

Split window bus Wiper an wiper arms… After many attempts we finally are very happy we can offer the right split window wipers with correct wiper arms for your beloved “splittie” . Two models to choose from;

BBT Ref. 2440 going from 02/60-07/64 ( VIN 579 519 – 1 382 871) with small wiper arm.

BBT Ref.2440-100 going from 08/64-08/67 (VIN 215 000 001 – 217 148 459) With wide wiper arm.

some  detail shots to show the quality of the product and the eye to detail…all correct wiper to arm fixation, exactly like original!

all correct arm to base connection, we love this original looks!

Ignition Points; BBT supplies for ages every single model ignition points ever used in any aircooled olkswagen, from 25 Hp, till very late Mexican build beetles and all in between. We even produced again the very spairingly used ones for the Garbe Lahmey distributor, You can order these ignition points under following BBT references;

BBT ref. 2009-10 25 Hp, up to dec 1953

BBT ref. 2009-11 30 Din Hp (36Sae) 1954-1960

BBT ref. 2009-12 1200cc 34 Din Hp (40Sae)

BBT ref. 2009-13 all models 1964-1968

BBT ref. 2009-14 only for Garbe Lahmey distributor

BBT ref 2008-1 for 12/1500, 1968 and later

BBT ref. 2009-1 for 13/1600, 1968 and later

BBT’s see through Fuel Filters

For years BBT supplies the by now famous “see through” glass and chrome cool fuel filters. The big advantage is that these fuel filters are life time guaranteed as You can always open and clean, over and over again. Gives a perfect look to that neat engine compartment. Shows You care about the food for the heart of your pride! Available in three dimensions;

BBT ref.1694 for 10mm fuel lines, ref.1693 for 8mm fuel lines and ref 1694 for the most common and used on stock engines 5.5 and 6 mm.

BBT ref.#1818 Rubber boot for oil pressure sender, also used as electric contact boot for your honhkey horn! Perfect quality, perfect fit for both applications. Another BBT goodie!

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