Busy busy @ BBT…

wowh, another week passed by… busy busy @ BBT… first Goods in had lots of delivery’s, real good, so another bunch of backorders can be solved!

the BBT guy “doing everything” Gonzo building new shelves… so Goods out can be finally getting organised as it should!

yes, orderpickers are very easy to perform this kind a jobs…:)

another Flandria moped came along from France for our buddy Ludo… and the rear clip from the beetle in the back is ready for transport to Italy.

Local magazine send their photographer to BBT to get some pictures from a professional company with old Beetles, in contradiction for the launch of the New Beetle lately. we choose the setting of the warehouse with one of our nice splits, nice combination huh…

isn’t it nice to have this beautiful old car between all new parts?

last but not least they wanted “the man behind” on the picture as well….

As You can see busy as always @ BBT HQ… and way more to come, so plse stay tuned for more updates soon!

Picture credit for this blogpost goes to Kukie, the man faster then his shadow sees it all!


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