My dad’s heritage!

My dad passed away long time ago, 20 years ago, offcourse I have a few things that remind me to him, but when I was paying my mom a visit last weekend I saw Dad’s old toy in the cabinet in the living room, I asked mom how it was possibole she still had it after 5 childeren and 11 grand childeren that played with it and she told me she always could safe it just in time, and it reminded her to all the childeren that came to her house…. My dad got that toy (a real Schuco) in 1938 or 1939 making it pre war, and I remember my Grandma telling the story my dad choose the most little car of the entire store while my Grandma wanted it him to return home with something “big” to show to my granddad! But my dad had eye for mechanics it seems, as this Schuco turn up toy had four forward gears, and a reverse, a working steering wheel and even a clutch! No wonder all the kids of “the house” liked to play with it…. I still rememeber sunday mornings when my parents tried to catch up some lost sleep and my brother and I where all over the sleeping room playing with this little gem…. ok its not exactly a VW but worth to mention on this Blog I suppose!

don’t look too bad to be survived by 12 childeren huh?

here You see clearly the gear shifter, cute? no, way better then that!

Now comes the best part of the story, as my mom saw I showed that much interest she said it should be better I take it with me and take care for it from now on! So now I have a real heritage of my own dad! Something that filled me with a total joy! Or how “rich” a man can be when he comes out of a warm nest.


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  1. Hey Bob, that’s extraordinary! As a “modern age child” I never had toys with a clutch and gears, this is a prewar toy and has it all. So who’s talking about modern age technology, this is industrial age technology and way better.

    Cherish it, unlikely to come across another one of these, especially with a known history!

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