BBT’s weekly product update.

Times fly, weeks go by, but nevetheless every week we find a moment to give You an update what’s new, this week being no exception….

BBT Ref 1715-075 AA performance Piston and cil set for 1200cc – 83 mm/ 90mm carter  (4pcs)  and # 1715-070 for 1200cc – 83 mm/ 87mm carter (4pcs), these kits gives your 1200cc engines wings, as engine capacity grows to 1340cc…

# 0669-420 indicator switch complete for Bus 08/67-12/70 (without the housing is BBT ref 0669-425)   

# 0026-100 Bumper beading, early bay window bus  68-72 / pair

 # 0427-050 Door handles for beetle 08/67- per pair with matching key!

# 2032-000 Ingnition lead set, stainless steel, 8mm for all beetles and other Volkswagens with upright engines.

 # 0351-100 Window channel, original German! exact like original… all bugs from 1952 on till end of production (1220mm)

Back up light coloured lenses, change your back up light into fog light, indicator, emergency or whatever, these coloured lenses do give You a lot of opportunity’s # 0608-101 for red, # 0608-102 for amber (orange)


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