BBT’s weekly product update

Last week was a blast for sure! Extremely busy in all departments of BBT and its still wintertime and bad weather! There must be so many cars under restoration, what bring many “new” VW’s on the streets and to shows this summer, something we only can appreciate and looking forward too! Goods out was in full force as usual…

For BBT’s product range it was also a very busy week and the extreme strong purchase tandem Alain and Chris are really coming to a steady and powerful mix of buy and research so also this week a very well filled basket of new products arrived BBT’s shelves.


The real big news this week is for sure BBT came EXCLUSIVE dealer for Europe from , a real passionate one man driven company that makes literally any single part for bug as well bus ragtops. And recently also finished the complete kits. Bug at this moment only 50-55 for bus all years… from a single screw, hook, clips, till a complete assembly, we stock it all for You… a complete list (and drawings) will appear in our next Newsletter and in our catalogs. If You in need of something, your favorite BBT sales rep can also forward You all detailed information. Don’t forget to mention; Bug or Bus! or You can also find a lot of information on the website of direct… watch out, BBTuse another part numbering system as the factory!

 above the drawing for the Bug ragtop, below for the Bus… numbers in the drawings are BBT part numbers.

BBT #  0397-100    Pop-out hinge for all split window bus!

BBT #  0662-590   Clips for fuse box for beetle and bus from 1960 till 1971

BBT #  1896-100  oil breather, by Bugpack!


Lock catch 1956-1963 Ghia ref.0438-750 for left and ref.0438-751 for right. Fits also early Porsche 911.


BBT  #  2147-100    Rubber between aircleaner and carburettor Bus 64-67 and Ghia 66-67


BBT  #  1847-250    Rubber gasket inside oil filler cap, fits most models. 

BBT  #  1941-050    V-belt (wide) 25Hp   (13×900)

Now this is Vintage! Made in Germany! 


BBT  #  0689-015 lens for license light Beetle 53-57 (W decklid)


A little contest to yourselves… “Whatsdiz?” Can you reconise?

 Ref.0612-820    taillightlens splitbug

Ref.0612-725 Hearttaillightlens

Ref.0740-010  Lens/house seal taillight Beetle 55-60

Ref.0626-500 bulbholder  taillight Beetle 55-60 

Bracket taillight Beetle 55-60  Ref.0626-550 Left and Ref.0627-550  Right

 BBT  #  1370-030    Steering column bearing for 1971 beetle 

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