Unbelievable beautiful T2a arrived finally home!

Restored at one of California’s finest, this little cute early bay arrived home finally, some misrouting at the shipper, some unpreviewed labour, etc etc, too many things too list, but its nice, cute, cool and good… and the most it got that very nice appealing, so worth waiting every minute for sure!

¬†Isn’t she lovely?

Walk trough!… they don’t come any nicer!

Interior is made by one of the leading VW upholstery shops of the world! Clean extreme!

all aboard! your journey can start soon….

Ready for immediate delivery… at any interest don’t delay but contact us today!

Saturday the bus got a good wash, all warehouse, shipping¬†and conatiner dust removed…

this is a piece of candy, man would really like to eat it!


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