Product update and information for this week.

So another week of hard work in our warehouse and office… “Goods in” was very busy this week with the arrival of our new container with glass. Working close together with our glass manufacturer results we can deliver most windshields, side and rear window glass for most of your beloved VW’s from our stocks now. A complete list will come with next edition of the newsletter, or can be asked at your BBT salesperson. Top quality made in Europe, because Glass is about your safety!

It’s a lot of glass! All windows had to be packed separately. BBT’s service takes the next step here as our glass is packed at unparalleled quality ensuring safe storage and easy transportation. And even with all of this we still offer @ very moderate pricing!

 all in BBT shelves ready for immediate shipping and/or delivery! BBT your number one aircooled VW glass source.

BBT production, new parts arrived!

We did receive the first badge of a couple of pretty neat BBT made parts, not real spectacular, but the things You need to finish your car like it should.

# 0438-280 Guiding roll for support spring  of engine lid for Bus 63-73

made of high quality materials and treated like originals in the necessary plating and hardning processes.


Starter bushings; finished on highly controlled and automised CNC machines to perfect fitting dimensions, in the right materials and a extreme clean finnish! 

BBT#1594 for mounting  12V starter engine to early 6V transmission 

BBT#1594-06  for Stock pre 65 6 volts starter engine on pre 65 transmission in bus and beetle

Breaking NEWS! Breaking NEWS!Breaking NEWS!  Breaking NEWS!

Just arrived only 30 min before this blog went in “the air”…. BBT’s reproduction of Westy tow hitch for split window bus, will come with ball, plug and necessary hardware… the number 1 in split window tow hitches! Order yours today under BBT ref. 4850-200

Back in stock!

Several parts came back in stock, during last week, where under cilinderheads and engine cases. so available back from our stock are ref.1720 and 1721 cilinder heads. 1720 is bare, 1721 complete with valves and springs etc.


1208-5 Brake servo for bus.


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