First New Years product update!

2012 kicked off real well, even before our shut down for Christmas holidays, several containers rolled in for unloading, offcourse due of time management these goods been only unpacked in this first week of our great New Year! There was a couple of real good parts that came back in stock, and a couple of new ones we like to present here!

# 2079-250 Copper vacuumline between carb and distributor 28PCI

Finally found the right size tubing, and let make with right nipples and bends… this copper vacuum line goes from your distributor to Your carburettor on engines with 28PCI carbs, somewhere 1953 till 1959. This was the big missing item in our copper line program, what’s now complete with all copper fuel lines and now the vacuum line as well! Preformed to fit straight out of the box!

# 1409-560 Boots for gear linkage bushing rear  Vanagon T25 (T3) 8/87- (pair)

# 1409-600  Gear shift joint on gearbox Vanagon T25 (T3) 8/82-

Out of the program…. 

# 2533-1 Centercapsticker EMPI GTV

Due to trademark rights we’ve been informed we can no longer sell these.


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