The last, the best?

Last 2011 arrivals been extreme cool…. wowh, yesterday we had several large shipments of parts came in by truck and one more conatiner containing three of the coolest cars we could get our hands on in 2011…

1963 Turqoise over White, stunning Kombi!

What can I say? Nothing at all, as my mouth stills waters too hard when I look at it, extreme cool and good original bus, will be hard to let this one go! But a buyer is born, we have to find him, is it Your name written in the stars to be unitd with this cool set of wheels? They don’t come any better!

Even better, 1970 Westy bay, rock solid, unbelievable! All original, older repaint, that’s it! Even Pascal was drooling all afternoon around it, and before he’s pleased with a car it must be an 11! Pascal, back to your desk, at once!

if we say rock solid, we mean rock solid, this is original paint!….

Last but not least, Ladies and Gentleman here’s the Beast! The Beast finally came home….

1958 A coupe with a 35 year back yard treatment in Passadena California. The best patina money can buy… don’t come to ask if I will restore this car, I will spit!

You can take the Bob out of the Punk, but not the Punk out of Bob! Punk is not death!

Wowh, I do love my new baby! Maybe I don’t clean the windows on this one!



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  1. Hi Frank

    Thanks for comment, finding these cars is part of my job, with a world wide network builded for over 25 years I always have friends and other people I know who wnats to sell their cars… sometimes more sometimes less, but with the recession lately it seem s to give me more opportunity’s….

    Don’t be jealous, its a lifestyle I choose for many moons ago, its my work, and life, sometimes hard, but always fun!

    thanks for following our blog! and so be part of it.


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