The best oval ragtop in the world?

Last saturday we finally picked up last two cars from a large lot we bought lightyears ago, but never could finish to get them home due always to busy… well everything now came to an end, and we always “end ” in beauty and style….

1958 Original 1958 project and a 1955 stratos absolute first paint all original ragtop…

The 58 is pretty cool, I just love it, needs a fender and a taillight, but nothing we don’t have I suppose, or buy it outright, its cheap!

Ladies and the Gentlemen, dear audience and trusty fans of BBT blog, may I present You the probably best conserved, most stunning original and absolutly all original 1955 Stratos silver oval window ragtop of the entire planet earth and all streets in its neigbourhood… and far beyond…

original paint, original everything, unbelievable, a recent “garage” find in downtown Amsterdam…  see how very well the headliner and interior survived…

… or the all original ragtop cover….

ever seen a time wrap like this? pretty amazing huh…. well the story didn’t end yet, as there is also some period books and info, and even a small picture book, containing all early travels, see the little stools in the picture? Believe me or not but they’re still in the front trunk!

another detail, original white wall tyres on the car do come along with this cutie…. it just don’t stop… what you want to know about original?

If this over the moon time wrap is for sale???? might be, altough You will have to price it up for yourself….


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