Bird eye’s view

Top order picker “kukie” sees everything from top of his orderpicker, not a lot of things can pass BBT or Kukie sees and…. photograph…. here a pick of pics he took last 14 days….

21 window samba, comes back from paint shop, rear corner redone from little damage, now we can all finish….

aaaaahhhh the extreme cool 58 walk trough kombi

and the even more cool Black ragtop

with his brother in arms, the 67 standard in Ruby red

Fire truck, a customer transport….

Goods in dept, very busy, a lot of orders arrivs every day…

Super driver Gonzo unloads his van… at loading dock…

the Buggy body for our shop in Spain, stayed a week in our warehouse, warehouse seems to find always some time to play… oh yes, wedo sell these buggy body’s, just in about any colour!

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