Friday product update

Heyhey, its already friday… times flies, The fact we have a new presentation for new products remembered me I lived another week of my shorty life…:)

Again this week  was good and bussy at BBT HQ, here is some highlights from new products arrived this week… and some other product info…

# 0525-500 Chrome molding with clips for dashboard, Beetle 08/57-07/67

Finally available brand new, we almost ran out of used ones…:)


# 1824-200 Set of gaskets and adapters for straight oil coolers.

This is what You need when You want to mount a straight oil cooler (in fanshroud) on a brand new engine case… the case has oilcooler holes of 10mm and old straight “in fanshroud” oil coolers have only 8mm holes, with this set You can make your single port configuration right again, like it should, to factory spec, with “in fanshroud” straight oil cooler. Former (hidden) BBT ref was W232-3725

# 2219-100 Freezin’ eliminating hot air tube for upright engines

This mainly is what’s missing when your carburettor or manifolds are freezin’ . Its very important to get that hot air out of your coolingsystem into Your aircleaner @ later upright engines. This tube is the first connection, a “must have” on any engine that’s previewed to have it!

# 0688-100 Dome light for Beetle convertible and all Ghia’s 08/64-07/67

 Finally some serious solutions for split window bus dome light   

# 0687-210 Dome light base in Alu! Bus 50-67 & 0687-215 Lens dome light Bus 50-67

If You want it complete, plse order both parts seperatly, quality is stunning, I think about to put it in a BBT box! Absolutly the best on today’s market!!

 # 0686-155 Toggle switch for early beetle domelight 10/52 – 01/54

You find this switch right under your dash, near your steering column, if it isn’t there we have the solution here for You!

 Product modification;

BBT 0438-31 From now on, centering wedge on door 52 to 55 will be sold by the pair.


Back in stock!

Massive container sheetmetal arrived this week (like evey three weeks) our sheetmetal baskets have been heavily filled! Unfortunatly for some items we had tremendous price increases. This was absolutly out of our power, and we’re working on solutions for that! Plse place that sheet metal order today, to assure a 100% fill… we’re doing our best!

 Now this is what we call “full house”…:)

 partially unloaded

well stocked & full baskets…

we’re probably the largerst sheetmetal trader for aircooled VW in Europe, and we try to deserve that, every day! Any questions or inquiry’s? Just contact us!


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  1. Hi Elloy

    Thanks for feedback, to answer your question, the sheetmetal comes from Brazil indeed, all the other parts on this blogpost came from different origins….
    always at your service

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