Dragon expedition strolls through Indonesia…

Our Polish friend Filip called in the other day he was all done in Vietnam and headed to Indonesia, in his amazing adventure travelling the world the air-cooled way with absolutely NO budgets.

After he had to leave his bus in Mongolia after break down, he travelled back pack (with wife AND baby) all over China andVietnam.

But now in Indonesia he wanted another bus… off course being part of the BBT network we succeeded to let Filip teaming up with our local longtime friend from Jakarta, Harry, and of they went to Terror Garage, the largest VW collection in Indonesia and for sure one of the best of the entire planet.


Anto, the owner of Terror Garage (this his is hobby, nothing commercial) arranged Filip a very nice 1969 bus and prepped it all for travel… so finally Filip can enjoy the price of so cheap Indonesian fuel!
Anto, You have to know that entire team of “Filip” fans thank You so much for being so kind to Filip!

Wowh Filip we like the size of our sticker! Thanks buddy, and drive safe!

Thanks God Anto didn’t let You end up with this one… would have been a while before you’re on the road…

Follow Filip, his wife an Baby on his crazy, all aircooled, NO budget, trip around the world, amazing!


all dontaions and financial support for Filip plse Paypal or sponsor info on bulabul@tlen.pl

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