Just another day… BBT’s goods out dept.

What You’ve done today? they ask BBT workers frequently… we packed beetle parts, how many? nobody knows, well as trusty BBT Blog followers, we give You some insight times to times… here is pictures from what we pack @ BBT on a daily basis… just another day….

External transport dept. Goods we do not drive ourselves to our customers/distributors. They can be sent by truck, airplane, boat courier, horse or camelback, whatever customer prefers… mainly contains several pallets a day.

Four  pallets rtoday, 2 for our own BBT shop in Spain, 2 for another exotic destination.

But offcourse most of our goods we drive around ourselves….

This is our Goods out dispatch dept. Here all of our tours been coordinated logistic wise, Frank & Kukie and  Goods out crew make sure these parts goes in the right vans, to deliver to the right customer. who knows is your bumper is in between?

Because of the high demand from people on the blog I will try and shoot more BBT parts activity during next weeks, so You all get an better idea from “behind the screens”.

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