Split window bus steering box; the second generation!

 Testing that’s what’s all about!!! After selling our first badge of steering boxes for split window bus, felt we could do better, so after teaming up with our manufacturer engineers we came out with a new “test “model, and a “test” model we better “test” like it should, on a car that drives, actually on a car that drove almost 10.000km with our first generation steering box, cheers! 

The next generation has a “normal” turn circle from 2.5 circles like original, against 4.25 on the previous first badge. This eliminates same time the “middle play” as that was simply too much on some of our first generations…

outside they still look the same… 

 Koen, our mechanic, takes the honours….

 Fits well like before, the very little adjustment @ the chassis stays for now….

 Are You ready for the testdrive???

 Fuel up and Go!

 Windy roads, perfect for testing….

 and finally a testdrive from the headhoncho himself!

 The BBT trusty back up truck a real crew cab with character!

 We learned a lot, and found a couple of things that needs further attention, middle play has to be further reduced (better adjustment on the play between gears inside) and the keyhole is currently wrong positioned, so we updated all files and are back on the table with the engineers,

…. to be continued!

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