BBT don’t sit still, this weeks new arrivals.

Its not because its fall that we should stop doing “things” in fact now the move and the bussy season are over we try even to do more… so another lot of new products arrived BBT HQ shores during this week, and we’re glad to let You taste along!

# 0600-150 Headlight beetle -67  full euro spec – Bosch!

When we do something we do it good! This is a very cool add on to the BBT program! These Bosch headlights will fit ANY beetle made up to 1967 in original livery. The lens is 100% concourse correct for any beetle made between 1960 and 1967. They are also the ONLY correct headlight for any Porsche 356B AND C model, Porsche ONLY used Bosch! We’re so happy (and proud) we can offer these now from our stocks!

Isn’t she lovely… Isn’t she wonderfull…. (Stevie Wonder…:))

Offcourse with the immense sexy “Bosch” logo…. grafted in the glass, is your heartbeat rising as ours when you see this? Don’t delay, order your’s today!



# 1735-500 Valve spring for type 4 engines  (1st)

The right valve spring is more important then anything in your engine, length, strength and diameter, we know all about them since stupid quality valve springs costed us over 300 engine warranty cases. So we choose the very best on the market and by coincidence the price was right too! Good price for good value, this is what makes the BBT team so happy! Another great add on to the BBT program for Type 4 lovers and workers!


BBT #7446-250 Rubber between hinge tailgate Type 2 -07/63


Special bolt, washer and nut for the window frame from your split window bus,

The final exploded view will follow in newsletter and catalogues, but we didn’t want to withold as per request from several customers… part numbers are in the drawing!


 All of these extreme cool and bloody sexy hot BBT products are available from ANY BBT distributor in your area, contact for a list of BBT distributors in your area, or to become one if You feel your area is missing one! Get your kicks on the BBT road 66!

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