BBT’s A team strikes again!

Do you remember these guys?

 During our move they where known as BBT’s A team, they’re all in! Murdock, Mr.T, Hannibal (hey that’s me!) ..LOL!

Well these super team striked again! Carport between the two old buildings had to be removed, because the old main building is sold… instead of hiring external contractors our “A team” wanted really to do their own style! Two saturdays simply clears the job!

The last “bones” will be removed this saturday…

bye bye carport, too many parkings, too many party’s, too many of everything, another part of BBT that floods away in the holey BBT history books and will rest on the holley hunting fields forever! Or in my rol as Hannibal I should say (while lightening my cigar) ; “I love it when a plan comes together“… ha!

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  1. Glad you asked the ambulance car to be stand by…in case someone whould get hurt they got a fast ride to the hospital? Ehh fast like in 30hp in a bus 😉

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