Dual steering???

My friend Dave from Calabasas California has this cool little oval window beetle made up as driving instructor car with dual steering, dual pedals and all nice little tricks, congratulations Dave, this is really  one of a kind car! Do You start now a second carreer as a driver instructor as well? Guess a lot of BBT Blog fans would like to love a “lesson” in your cool little schooling beetle!

For those not sure… Yes I saw with my own eyes, You can perfectly drive this beetle as well from the left as from the right seat! Finally a solution for RHD/LHD question? This sweetie can be driven in ANY country…


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  1. Nice suggestion from P.Goddard & Sons Ltd… 🙂

    The beauty of this car is not that it can be driven in any country but that if both of you have been drinking and stopped by the police who would they prosecute for driving or if your wife drove you home after a few drinks you could still park the car for her without having to get out.

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