Gascaps, another (chinese) story…

Our Gascap manufacturer is a very dedicated guy, small company, but do know exactly what he speaks about, and is quality concerned, what matters a lot to me! So today I dimpled Linda and myself in a real gascap fairytale!

Thanks God Mr.Jimmy “sprintstar” manufacturer wanted to make up from yesterday absence and so came along the full day to travel, help and translate, wowh that was  a lot of help indeed, because Jerry “gascap” buddy is not as fluent in english as should be….

Green tea and gascap discussions, we can go for hours…:)


Every part is almost made “in house”, they have all kind of machines and presses for the stamping and parts making… crazy! Its like a big factory process but in small and so many different parts, never knew there where so many different gascaps, thanks God Jerry loves them all!


Assembly is done by hand, unbelievable how these guys work so precise in such quantity’s, normal orders are 10.000pcs per cap! Jerry trains his people personally, and do they know their job!

The man’s quarter



and the lady’s quarter, Girls mainly do the more precise assembly, like key matchin lockcilinders, amazing how they perform with yeyglasses!


All finished gascaps ready for packing and sending…


 Quiete sophisticated test device for vacuum and air replacement (so your tank don’t become vacuum) as said Jerry really know what he’s talking about!


after a whole day of work the food tasted deliciuos, real chinese food that is, absolutly nothing to see with what You get at your local take a way dummy… Jerry and his right hand for his company, extreme strong and a well motivated team! Happy I was here guys, and hope we can do way more in near future!

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